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Efficient ventilation solutions using AC or DC motors with the best-in-class fans - validated in our AMCA wind tunnel.



Custom engineered Fan System solutions for diverse industry applications!

Livestock Ventilation

Energy efficient and low noise fans for climate controlled livestock environments.

Data Center

Efficient Fan Systems results in minimum operating costs and a low carbon Footprint. WingFan's Solutions are designed to deliver the right temperature air, at the right volume, in the right place and at the right time.

Grain Dryer

High quality fan materials ensure the highest reliability and durability.

Heat Exchanger

Robust yet lightweight fans for oil coolers and dry coolers fit any electric motor.

Wood Drying Kiln

Equal airflow in both airflow directions at high temperatures and humidity.

WingFan S.r.l. has acquired competitive expert knowledge in every market segment over time.

Smart customized Fan System solutions

Design with specific applications in mind.

Cooling Tower

Large cost effective fan diameters with low tubulence.

Mining [ATEX]

We offer solutions with anti-static material to be used in applications with conformity to the explosive atmosphere directive (ATEX).

Oil & Gas Extraction

Our fans are custom designed to operate reliably in some of the most demanding operating environments with conformity to the explosive atmosphere directive (ATEX).


Extremely reliable Fan System solutions developed for high demands at sea, long service life, low noise and vibration values and a compact design.

Fruit Ripening

Reversible axial fans for optimized air flow in a highly efficient ripening system with very low energy consumption.

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