Our R&D engineers are sitting door to door with our sales engineers that are working directly with our OEM customers since the beginning. This is the only way to really learn about our customers’ requirements and develop better solutions to solve them. 

State-of-the-Art test facilities help to speed up the design process. As a result you can see that WingFan each single year introduces several new products.


FEM enables us to calculate the structural performance of a system and identify potential problems before the tool is set up for production.

Wind Tunnel

Use the extensive experience of our engineering team to find the smartest cooling solution for your system.

Burst test

The test consists of accelerating the fan’s blade until it bursts open.


Analysis and prediction of flow patterns, pressure distribution, and their interactions with counteracting flows, objects, and structures alike.


As regards design and construction, activities are based on the use of CAD 3D applications, including solid-modelling systems.

Start-Stop test facility

Simulation of a product life time cycle.

Vibration test – Resonant frequencies

Designing for improved durability.

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