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From the patent for the adjustable pitch angle system back in 1976 to the most recent blade designs, WingFan´s customized Axial Fan and FanClutch solutions are setting the global benchmark. Focusing on engine cooling in mobile and stationary applications and HVAC/Refrigeration, we can offer you the best possible solution.


P8Y axial fan

The high efficiency of the P8Y measurably reduces the fuel consumption while providing ample cooling airflow at full engine power. For Ø up to 1390 mm.

K7Z axial fan

Very compact axial dimensions, durability and the ability to reverse the fan rotation to clear fouled radiators with a maximum fan diameter of 1253 mm.

P9T axial fan

The most robust fan in the WingFan range has the performance to cool the most powerful engines with a maximum ⌀ of 2144 mm.

VS05 One-Piece Fan with bi-metal clutch

Custom-developed fans for your specific needs. Diameter range 381 mm - 580 mm.

VS11 One-Piece fan

We can deliver the economic benefits of one-piece fans with an optimised solution. Diameter range 476 mm - 635 mm.

Axial Fan Solutions

Demanding applications require the best customized Axial fan solution. Our robust fans with exceptional durability, optimised to operate at the harshest environment, ensuring a long service life and be a reliable component of your product. 

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