Rail Application

Comply with the latest and most stringent international fire safety standards.

WingFan has developed a special fan blade material PAGAFR* that meets all fire standards worldwide (e.g. EN 45545-2 and NFPA 130) to comply with the latest and most stringent international safety standards for rail applications. Our fans can also be offered with special corrosion resistant hub coatings and railway compliant fastening systems. We have the right fan solution for roof mounted or underfloor HVAC units (split or compact), as well as extra-heavy duty large diameter fans for locomotive cooling systems. WingFan axial fans are also suitable for hydraulically driven reverse operation to clean clogged coolers

*Note: PAGAFR available for fan series P3H and P4Z, further blade profiles will be added in the future

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See all Axial Fans Apps

Oil Rig [ATEX]

Our fans are custom designed to operate reliably in some of the most demanding operating environments with conformity to the explosive atmosphere directive (ATEX).

Bus Air Conditioning

WingFan's innovative fan technology helps to reduce emissions of busses while further lowering the fuel consumption.

Paving Machine

Engine cooling for pavers requires fans that are extremely reliable, durable and can withstand high vibrations.